Studio One - 32 channel surround

Studio One hosts 32 channels monitoring, and incorporates a suspended loudspeaker array on a custom made ceiling grid.

Female student with headphones at the mixing desk in Studio One

This studio is mainly used for postgraduate and staff compositional, multi-channel and sound diffusion performance research.

Electroacoustic studio specs for Studio One include:

  • Apple Mac Pro
    3.7 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon E5, 12GB RAM
    2x AMD FirePro D500 3072 MB
    2x Dell U2415 displays
    1x Optomoa EH1020 projector
  • Audio interfaces
    1x Pro Tools | HD Native Thunderbolt
    1x Focusrite RED 4Pre
    1x Focusrite RedNet 2
    1x Focusrite RedNet 4
    1x MOTU 828x
  • Loudspeakers
    2x ATC SCM50
    5x Genelec 1037c
    2x Genelec 7070a Subs
    8x Genelec 8050a
    8x Genelec 8040a (mounted on overhead truss)
    8x Genelec 8030a
    4x Genelec 8020c (mounted on overhead truss)
  • Routing
    Allen & Heath GL2800 40 channel mixing desk