Tornado Project

Inspired by the image of winds and wood flying through the air, Ricardo Climent and Paul Wilson conceived The Tornado Project: a set of commissioned works for flute, clarinet and computer-generated sound, to be performed by American wind virtuosi Esther Lamneck (clarinet) and Elizabeth McNutt (flute).

Tornado Project title graphics (white text on blue and orange background)

Tornado performances have taken place in New York, Manchester, Belfast, Aberdeen, Phoenix, AZ, Denton, TX, Cincinnati, OH, and at the SEAMUS Conference, International Computer Music Conference, and New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival.

The first Tornado Project event was in the inaugural festival of the NOVARS Research Centre at The University of Manchester, England, in 2007, and included pieces by Ricardo Climent, Paul Wilson, Andrew May, and Eric Lyon. The repertoire of the project has grown with each performance, including new pieces by Robert Rowe, Russell Pinkston and Mara Helmuth.