Sines and Squares

A celebration of Analogue and Modular Synthesis, 18 - 20 November 2016, Manchester UK.

An illuminated mixing desk in the dark

The second edition of the Sines and Squares Festival celebrated the recent resurgence of analogue and modular synthesizers.

It featured some of the most renown UK and international performers, composers, lecturers and designers working with analogue and modular systems. The festival also included theoretical "Patchbay Sessions" with papers and presentations focused on modular synthesis, many concerts, a clubnight and our Modular Lounge.

Sines and Squares was organised by NOVARS Research Centre at The Univeristy of Manchester, UK; Open-Circuit, Salford, UK; sound Anatomy, Berlin, Germany; Metanast; and Brighton Modular Meet.

The festival includes:

  • Concerts including many live performances and fixed media works on the theme featuring the MANTIS System (large-scale sound diffusion system)
  • “Patchbay Sessions” with musical interludes (paper presentations and discussion proposals which were interpolated with short pieces).
  • Workshop to build and learn Modular Electronics
  • Keynote speakers' presentations.

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