Audio recordings

Podcasts and audio recordings from previous NOVARS events and projects.

Tornado Project

Inspired by the image of winds and wood flying through the air, Ricardo Climent and Paul Wilson conceived The Tornado Project: a set of commissioned works for flute, clarinet and computer-generated sound, to be performed by American wind virtuosi Esther Lamneck (clarinet) and Elizabeth McNutt (flute).

Tornado excerpt one - Russel Pinkston

Tornado performances have taken place in New York, Manchester, Belfast, Aberdeen, Phoenix, AZ, Denton, TX, Cincinnati, OH, and at the SEAMUS Conference, International Computer Music Conference, and New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival.

Tornado excerpt two - Ricardo Climent

The first Tornado Project event was in the inaugural MANTIS festival at The University of Manchester, England, in 2007, and included pieces by Ricardo Climent, Paul Wilson, Andrew May, and Eric Lyon.

Tornado excerpt three - Robert Rowe

The repertoire of the Tornado project has grown with each performance, including new pieces by Robert Rowe, Russel Pinkston and Mara Helmut.

Tornado excerpt four - Andrew May

Tornado excerpt five - Paul Wilson

Tornado excerpt six - Eric Lyon

Xi for Timbila of Mozambique and electronics by Ricardo Climent - Excerpts

Performer: Miquel Bernat

The Mbila (plural timbila) is a xylophone-like instrument from Mozambique ancestor of the modern marimba, first mentioned by a Portuguese missionary in the 1300s. The Timbila's orchestras serve many purposes, ranging from religious to traditional ceremonies of the Chopi people.

Xi for Timbila excerpt two

Biometric Fingerprints for brass quintet

Ensemble: Spanish Brass Luur i Metalls

Excerpt one - Reg Intuitiva

Excerpt two - Rege provocada

Excerpt three - Deg programada

DJ sets, clubbing, performance and production

Slim Vic - DJ set at Corpo 6 Berlin, 24 May 2013

Sir George at Red Gallery, London

Haruka Hirayama's Swallow performance

Locative audio

City as Museum / City as Instrument: new possibilities for sound and the city by Caitriona Devery

Listening to the City / Listening to Ourselves by Roddy Hawkins (2012)