A big part of what we do at the NOVARS research centre involves performance and live events, whether it's premiering new compositions, testing out work-in-progress or debating how best to make use of the latest technology.

Many of our events and festivals take place at the Martin Harris Centre for Music and Drama and form part of the spring and autumn 'In Performance' seasons.

Wherever possible we try to make audio and video recordings, so a number of previous performances can be listened to beyond the event or festival.

MANTIS (Manchester Theatre in Sound)

MANTIS Festival takes place twice a year, presenting a long weekend of concerts and experimental performances which feature compostitions enhanced by the use of new technology and digital media.

Sines and Squares Festival

'Sines & Spuares' is one of the UK's first festivals and concert series celebrating the recent reseugence of analogue and modular sythesizers.