Game Audio

Game Audio comprises a collection of sonic-centric projects focused on the construction of novel grammar for dynamic media in sound, music and in composition using 3D-audio and spatial thinking.

Computer generated image of a flying machine

Game Audio is divided in three distinctive sections; role-playing of musical instruments, sonic Expeditions and bio-Simulators where sound is key for progression.

Overall, game-audio projects are informed by cultures which provide a high value on non-visual modes of experiencing the world (e.g. ancient hunters, merchants, fishermen and seafarers) and who relied on sound when visually-oriented tools had failed (kamals, quadrants, mariner's astrolabes or sextants).

These projects explore sound-centric techniques for pathfinding and orientation in immersive environments, throughout the creation of interactive worlds employing physics-graphic and audio game engines. Organising dynamic sound employing game-audio technology as the focus for the user experience is still in its infancy and we are learning it as we walk here in