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Mantis festival logo (coloured spheres on a black background)

MANTIS Festival

MANTIS (Manchester Theatre in Sound) biannually presents concerts of music and sound, featuring compositions and performances enhanced by the use of new technology and digital media.

A previous MANTIS Festival performance.
A previous MANTIS Festival performance at the Martin Harris Centre.

MANTIS combines a broad array of sonic events, which range from the live diffusion of acousmatic works on a 48-loudspeaker sound system (using the unique MANTIS System), to Live Instrumental and Electronics events involving large ensemble groups on stage (the MANTIS Battle of Gestures and Textures for voice, acoustic instruments and electronics). A call for national and international works, acousmatic, live or audiovisual compositions, regularly receives hundreds of submissions from all over the world.

Concerts normally take place at the Martin Harris Centre at the University of Manchester but we have also taken festival events to a number of venues in Manchester and the Northwest, such as the Victoria Baths, the Whitworth Art Gallery, and Lancaster. We are also proud to contribute to our local musical scene by having regular smaller-scale concerts at The Greenroom, Nexus Arts Cafe and more recently at MadLab, in the Northern Quarter (fully run by our students at the University of Manchester).