Postgraduate community

NOVARS is home to a community of pro-active and self organised postgraduate students, attracting the interest of composers working with new media and surround systems, sound and visual artists with a focus on interactivity or sound-mapping, software designers and game-engine oriented composers, as well as performers with a taste for technology and sound experimentation.

PhD researchers and alumni

View the PhD themes of past and present postgraduate researchers and visit their websites and Soundcloud accounts.

MusM in Electroacoustic Composition postgraduates

The following students took their taught master's (MusM) in Electroacoustic Composition at the University of Manchester, and many stayed on to become PhD researchers:

  • Matthew Omahan, USA
  • Mitchell Herrmann, USA
  • Christopher Keogh, UK
  • Michael Armstrong, UK
  • David McFarland, UK
  • Stephen Summers, UK
  • Seth Scott Deuchar, UK
  • Chris Rhodes, UK
  • Kelly Jones, UK
  • Kevin Testagrossa, UK
  • Falk Morawitz, Germany
  • Shaun Rimmer, UK
  • James Wynne, UK
  • William Campbell-Rowntree, UK
  • James Bagshaw, UK
  • Nikki Sheth, UK
  • Arthur Phillips, UK
  • Hayley Hedges, UK
  • Nuria Bonet, Switzerland / Spain
  • Demetrios Savva, Greece
  • Joel Morrey, UK
  • Mark Ferguson, Northern Ireland
  • Mario Duarte, Mexico
  • Craig Burgess, UK
  • Tommy Rushton, UK
  • Danny Saul, UK
  • Rodrigo Constanzo, US / Spain
  • Nick Casswell, UK
  • James Percival (Musicology, Delia Derbyshire Archive), UK
  • Jose Ignacio Pecino, Spain
  • Michael Lau, Hong Kong
  • Richard Scott, UK
  • Irma Catalina Alvarez, Spain
  • Panos Amelides, Greece
  • Chris Swithinbank (mixed portfolio), UK
  • Heather Bamforth, UK
  • George Dennis, UK