Pictured above the studio Cluster with 17 iMac and Protools workstations (back door leads to Studio 4, which is a 5.1 surround genelec studio)


Year ONE
10311-312 Sonic Invention - Fixed Media Composition for the moving image (Pro Tools environment)

Year TWO
- MUSC 20161 - Fixed Media and Live Interactive Composition Electroacoustic Composition A (includes work with acoustic instruments and computers)
- MUSC 20151 - Sound Design (compose music for blender-made 3D animation movies, learn recording techniques and compose for abstract visuals)
- MUSC 20162 - Live Interactive Composition (MaxMSP etc) Electroacoustic Composition B (now within Composition 2)
- MUSC 20172 - Sound For Digital Entertainment Environments (understanding sound for games and interactive media)

- MUSC 30300 Composition Portfolio (this can be purely electroacoustic, mixed or pure acoustic) Special Subject (could be in EA Composition)
- MUSC 30540 Special Option with three strands:
  1- Game-Audio
  2- Film Music
  3- Interactive Composition (instruments and live electronics)
MUSC Dissertation (could be in areas of electroacoustic)

Project Highlights

MANTIS system

Large Scale multi-channel system for sound diffusion created by David Berezan and customised or extended by postgraduate students at NOVARS


Research strand started in 2008-09 by Ricardo Climent utilising game-engines, such as Blender, Unity3D, CryEngine and Unreal Engine 4 for composition purposes


Collaborative Project between NOVARS, NoTours and Escoitar, featuring large scale network projects. PG outcomes include novel software, such as sonicmaps.org

Postgraduate's Leadership

Our graduate Postgraduate students hold prominent positions in UK and abroad and publish internationally on peer-reviewed academic conferences.