• Prof David Berezan, Canada

    • David Berezan  Novars Research Centre
    •  Mantis Festival Director and Electroacoustic Studio Director
    •  REF Coordinator 2013 Submission
    •  Areas of Research Supervision: Acousmatic Music, Space focus
    •  WEB: academic research

  • Dr Daniel Barreiro, Brazil

    • Ricardo Climent  Novars Research Centre
    •  Areas of Research: Multi-channel live-acousmatic music Composition and performance strategies with gestural interfaces

  • Emeritus Prof John Casken , UK

    [Instrumental composition, Opera, Music Theater and mixed Composition]
  • Prof. Philip Grange, UK

    [Instrumental Composition, Music Theater]
  • Dr Kevin Malone, USA

    [Instrumental and experimental composition, film music and mixed Composition]
  • Dr Camden Reeves, UK

    [Instrumental composition and mixed Composition]
  • Dr Richard Whalley, UK

    [Instrumental composition, contemporary music performance]

    Mr Jon Tipler- Music Tecnician - email: (NOVARS and MHC)
    Mr Mark Woolstencroft- Martin Harris Centre Manager
    Mr Karl Spencer - Martin Harris Centre Technical Manager
    Mr Daniel Power- Drama Technician
    Ms Alex Shaw - Martin Harris Centre

  • Pipa Murphy, UK

    Pipa Murphy NOVARS

  • Camilo Salazar, Colombia

    Camilo Salazar NOVARS

  • Suk Jun Kim, South Korea

    Suk Jun Kim NOVARS

  • Darren Copeland, USA

    Darren Copeland NOVARS

  • Ben Thigpen, Canada

    Ben Thigpen NOVARS

  • David Eagle, Canada

    David Eagle NOVARS

  • Se-Lien Chuang and Andreas Weixler, Austria

  • Manoli Moriati, Greece

    DESCRIPTION OF THE SCHEME: The aim of the Engineers in Residence Scheme at the NOVARS Research Centre is to procure the advancement of existing areas of research by inviting Engineers and physical scientists around the world to collaborate hands-on-projects. Typically, the Engineer in Residence would be associated to a Research Assemblage Group at Novars.
    Number of visits per semester will depend on individual agreements and Research Assemblage needs.
    The Engineer in Residence sche≠me will produce short-term tangible outcomes in the form of workshops with Researchers, participation in Research Assemblage meetings and seminar/talk presentations. Mid and long term expected outcomes are to lead the advancement of research to:
    a) Publish new colaborative work (in hybrid areas or music, engineering and physical sciences).
    b) Design of funding applications to pursue postdoctoral fellowships, leadership fellowships, career acceleration fellowships; research at the interface between scientific and artisitic disciplines.
    c) Create networks between composers and the scientific community.


  • Sukandar Kartadinata, Germany

  • Stefan Bilbao, Canada - USA

  • Patrick Sanan, USA

  • DESCRIPTION OF THE SCHEME: The aim of the Performers in Residence Scheme at the NOVARS Research Centre is to procure the advancement of research in performative areas by inviting performers and instrumental practicioners to discuss, workshop, collaborate and perform new works created by electro-acoustic composers at the NOVARS Research Centre. Performance is not only understood as ' practice involving acoustic instruments' (combined or not with electronics), but also as 'sound diffusion' of acousmatic works across multiple speakers (in surround sound) and includes areas of live coding (one may argue that this is real-time composition) and real-time improvisation with electronics and visual media. This scheme also aims to reinforce relationships within the school of music and drama at Manchester University, in areas of composition (both instrumental, vocal and electroacoustic) and to create and awareness in the undergraduate music programme about the potential of combining conventional instruments with computer music technologies.
  • Trio Atem





  • PDP- Spain (locativeaudio)


  • Delia Derbyshire Archive coordination and consulting
    Dr David Butler [Screen Studies, Drama]
    Mark Ayres [Television composer and former BBC Radiophonic Workshop]

    Visual Anthropology:
    Dr Andrew Irving [Director of the Granada Centre for Visual Antropology]
    Dr Rupert Cox [Visual Antropology]

    Locative Audio Software Development:
    Enrique Tomas []
    Horacio Dieguez [] - [developed at NOVARS by Ignacio Pecino]

    Locative Audio Network 2013:
    Avignon: Dr Sylvie Marchand - France - MigAA, European School of Visual Arts in Poitiers/ Angoulême
    Tempere: Prof Ari Koivumäki - University of Tampere, Finland
    Ghent: Geert Vermeire - Milena principle. Ghent, Belgium
    Volos: Nicolás Remy - Volos, Grecia
    Grenoble: Julien McOisans - CRESSON Institute, University of Grenoble, France
    Enrique Tomas. Interface Culture Programme at Kunstuniversität Linz [Austria]
    Malaga: Prof. Luis Alfonso Torres Mancilla - Conservatorio Superior de Malaga, Spain
    Oxford: James Percival, Oxford University PhD [former MusM at NOVARS]
    Virginia: Dr Ivica Ico Bukvic - Virginia Virginia Tech Institute for Creativity, Arts & Tech [ICAT]
    Hanoi: Dr Joshua Kopecek, Mathias Rossignol, ?inh Lê Vân and Trí Minh
    Valencia: Miguel Molina, Deco Nascimento
    Gerson Beltran: Profesor Asociado de Análisis Geográfico Regional. Facultad de Geografía e Historia de la Universitat de València
    José Nácher Escriche - Profesor de Economía Aplicada. Universidad de Valencia
    Verónica Perales y Fred Adam - Transnational Temps / GPS Museum, Murcia
    Clara Boj y Diego Diaz - Profesora de la Universidad de Murcia / profesor de la Universitat Jaume I, Castellon
    Jürgen Schöpf - Phonogrammarchiv- Phonogrammarchiv, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Wien / Viena
    Peter Bosch, Simone Simons - Bosch & Simons Musical Machines
    Ruben Garcia - Biólogo, artista sonoro y comisario independiente
    Moisés Mañas [UPV - Master in interactive media director - Valencia]

    M4M- Music 4 Media Network
    University of Porto
    New York University (NYU)
    University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB)
    University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin)
    Sonic Arts Research Center (SARC)
    University of Manchester (NOVARS)
    University of Sussex (UK)
    Utrecht School Of The Arts (The Netherlands)

    NESS project (standing for Next Generation Sound Synthesis)
    Project Personnel
    Stefan Bilbao - Project PI
    Paul Graham - Software Architect
    Alan Gray - Project Adviser/Reviewer

    Ricardo Climent - Composer - NOVARS- University of Manchester.
    Gordon Delap- Composer - National University of Ireland Maynooth.
    Iain McCurdy - Composer - Independent composer (Berlin / Belfast)
    Lauri Savioja - Professor of Computer Science at the Aalto University of Technology.
    Cyril Touzé - Maître de Conference at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancées in Palaiseau, France.
    Vesa Välimäki - Professor of Electrical Engineering at the Aalto University of Technology.

    External Collaborators and other Related Institutions:
    Technical University of Berlin - Elektronische Studio
    Lancaster Institute of Contemporary Arts [LICA], University of Lancaster, UK
    Mexican Embassy in London, UK
    CMMAS, Morelia - Mexico
    Royal Northern Collegue of Music and Drama, Manchester, UK
    University of Huddersfield, UK
    Goethe Institute Manchester, UK
    FutureEverything Festival, Manchester, UK
    Green Room, Manchester, UK
    Sonic Arts EXPO, UK
    Laboratorio KLEM- Vasc Country, Spain
    SMC - Sound and Music Confernce
    Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast
    National University of Ireland, Dublin - Maynooth
    Madlab - Manchester

    Musicology / Ethnomusicology:
    Dr Laura Tunbridge [Music Analysis and Critical Theory]
    Prof David Fanning [Nielsen, Shostakovich, Soviet Music]
    Dr Caroline Bithell [Ethnomusicology/ World Music and Arts Administration]

    S.LOW Projekt Network:
    Nastia Eliseeva [environmental artist] Russia
    Jonathan Reus [digital artist] Amsterdam
    Jaana Kokko [Visual Artist] Helsinki
    Kristina Frei [Photographer, Designer] Berlin
    Akitoshi Honda [Institute for Algorhythmics], Japan
    Suk-Jun Kim [Composer] Korea
    Irene Pfeffer [Art Historian] Kazakhstan
    Cristina Martin Lara [Visual Artist] Spain
    Dawn Weleski [Visual artist] Pittsburgh
    Iain McCurdy [Composer] Northern Ireland
    Sunshine Wong [Curator] Hong Kong
    Shintaro Miyazaki [Inst. 4 Algorhythmics], Japan
    Teresa Foley (Artist) Pittsburgh, USA
    Andre Bartetzki [Music & Media], Berlin
    Ima Pico [Visual Artist] UK
    Egle Oddo [Visual Artist] Helsinki
    Andreas Roman [Visual Art], Spain
    Gail Ritchie [Visual Artist], Northern Ireland
    Gareth Williams [Composer] Scotland
    Ricardo Climent [Composer, Digital Media] UK/Berlin
    Michael T. Chinen [Audio/software], Hawaii
    Cristina Ghetti [visual arts] Argentina
    Gordon Delap [Composition], Ireland
    Thomas Bjelkeborn [Composer/Digital Music] Sweden
    Michael Larsson [Video/ Photographer], Sweden
    Patrick Sanan [Composer/Mathematician] USA
    Carolina Loyola Garcia [Artist], Pittsburgh, USA/ Chile
    Elena Bellantoni [Visual Artist] Italy/Berlin
    Sam Salem [Composer, Digital Media] UK
    Stefan Bilbao [Physical Scientist] Canada/Edinburgh
    Elaine Kelly [Musicologist] Ireland/Edinburgh
    Marco Giani [Music and Video] Italy/Berlin
    Hendrik Purwins [Scientist] - Barcelona/Berlin
    Sergio Zavattieri [visual artist] Italy
    MeM music (Michele Braga, Enrico Fiocco)- Italy
    dj Ein volk/Julian Bonequi- France/Mexico
    Kunstraum Richard Sorge - Berlin

    Each academic year, NOVARS receives a number of distinguished academics and performers from around the world, who presented lecturers, concerts, seminars or workshops in the Electroacoustic Field:

    Academic year 2013-14 (Sept 13- Sept14)

    Julio d'Escriván (UK)
    Steve Symons (OWL project), UK
    Francis Dhomont (France / Canada)
    Daniel Barreiro (Brazil)
    Marij van Gorkom (The Netherlands)
    Rajmil Fischman - (UK/Peru)
    Viktor Zeidner -DJ "Slim Vic"- (Sweden)
    Gordon Delap - (Ireland) / Stefan Bilbao (Canada)
    Trevor Wishart (UK)

    Academic year 2012-13 (Sept 12- Sept13)

    • Barry Truax (Canada)
    • Andrew Lewis(UK)
    • John Young (UK)
    • Jean-François Denis (Canada)
    • Miquel Bernat (Portugal/Spain)
    • Jose Manuel Lopez Lopez
    • Andrew Irving (UK)
    • Roberto Becerra (Mexico)
    • Andreas Weixler (Austria) and Se-Lien Chuang (Taiwan)
    • Oded Ben-Tal (UK)
    • Diana Salazar (Scotland)
    • Jonty Harrison (UK)

    Academic year 2011-12 (Sept 11- Sept12)

    • Mathias Fuchs (Postdam, Salford)
    • Julio d'Escrivan (Cambridge)
    • Andrew Dolphin (Leeds)
    • Felipe Otondo (Lancaster)
    • Adam Parkinson/Atau Tanaka
    • Frauke Behrendt (Brighton)
    • Iain Herrington/Roddy Hawkins (Cambdrige, Leeds)
    • Enrique Tomas (Linz)
    • Horacio González (Galicia)
    • Atau Takana (Japan/UK)
    • Hans Tutschku (Harvard)
    • Chikashi Miyama (japan)
    • Conrad Marshall (flute) / Richard Casey (piano)
    • Iain Hetherington (Sony Cambridge)
    • Diana Salazar (Kingston, London)
    • Julio d'Escrivan (Cambridge)
    • Jonty Harrison (Birminghan)

    Academic year 2010-11 (Sept 10- Sept11)

    Academic year 2009-10 (Sept 09- Sept10)

    • Prof. Takayuki Rai- DIPS workshop (Digital Image Processing with Sound) - Lancaster, UK
    • Prof. Denis Smalley (UK/New Zealand)
    • Composer Theodore Lotis (Greece)
    • Composer Hiromi Ishii - Germany
    • Amanda Belantara - Video Artist and Documentary Filmmaker - Manchester
    • Francisco Dillon - Cello performer, Italy
    • Composer Kumiko Omura (Germany)
    • Jean François Denis (empreintes DIGITALes)
    • Composer Thomas Bjelkeborn - (Sweden) MANTIS Festival Spring 2009
    • Viktor Eriksson- Director of IDKA (Sweden)
    • Andreas Mniestris - University of Corfu
    • Philip Marks - Manchester - freelance Percussionist
    • Dr Adam Melvin - Ulster University
    • Composer Camilo Salazar - London
    • Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos - Cardiff School of Art & Design
    • Gavin Osborn (Trio atem)
    • Nina Whiteman (trio atem)

    Academic year 2008-09 (Sept 08- Sept09)

    • Prof. Joao Pedro Oliveira - (Portugal) Commissioned work for the MANTIS FESTIVAL
    • Dr Pippa Murphy - (UK) Freelance composer (residency)
    • Prof. Barry Truax - MANTIS Spring FESTIVAL 2009
    • Composer Thomas Bjelkeborn - (Sweden) Residency and participation at MANTIS
    • Composer Annette Vande Gorne - (Belgique) - Spatialisation Workshop
    • Dr Iain McCurdy - (Belfast) Freelance Composer- Sound installation
    • Composer Jonas Valfridsson - (Sweeden) - Performance of violin duet with electronics
    • Dr Stefan Bilbao - (Canada/UK)- Workshop on Physical Models using Matlab
    • Patrick Sanan - (USA) - Workshop on DSP and MAtlab
    • Dr Felipe Otondo - (Chile/UK) - acousmatic work presentation
    • Engineer Sukandar Kartadinata - (Germany) - Schneiders Buero, Berlin - Workshop II.
    • Composer Camilo Salazar - (Colombia) - Delia Derbyshire project associate
    • Engineer Alexandro Kontogeorgakopoulos - (Greece) - Technical visit

    Academic year 2007-08 (Sept 07- Sept08)

    • Prof. Gerald Bennett - Keynote speaker and concert
    • Hon. Prof. Francis Dhomont - University of Montreal (now freelance) - Seminar and workshop
    • Dr Esther Lamneck - NYU- New York University - Commissioned concert
    • Dr Elizabeth McNutt - University of North Texas - Commissioned concert
    • Dr Andrew May - University of North Texas - US Tornado Project
    • Gilles Gobeil - Montreal, Commissioned concert
    • Prof. Patrick Gaydecki - School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, UoM.
    • Ludger Brümmer - ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany, Commissioned concert
    • Prof. Jonty Harrison - University Birmingham, UK, Commissioned concert
    • Orm Finnendhal - Electronic Studio of the Musikochschule Freiburg
    • Luis Antunes Pena - Lisbon, Essen
    • Uli Aumüller - Inpetto-film Produktion, Berlin
    • Associate Prof. Cort Lippe - University at Buffalo, The State University of New York
    • Sukandar Kartadinata - Schneiders Buero, Berlin
    • Luo Chao-yun - Pipa Player, Taiwan
    • Prof. Joao Pedro Oliveira - University of Aveiro, Portugal. Artist in Residence, July
    • Chen Wai-kai - Tai-chi improviser, Taiwan
    • Dr Eric Lyon - US Tornado Project and Danels Electronic
    • Gilles Gobert - Danels Electronic
    • Prof. Joe Bergin - Director of Research at SAHC, University of Manchester
    Academic year 2006-07 (Sept 06- Sept07)
    • Hon. Prof. Francis Dhomont - University of Montreal (now freelance) - Seminar and workshop
    • Dr Stefan Bilbao - University of Edinburgh, UK - Seminar and workshop
    • Dr Gordon Delap - National University of Ireland, Maynooth - Seminar and workshop
    • Dr Rodrigo Sigal - CMMAS Research Centre, Morelia, Mexico - Lecture
    • Dr Edson Zampronha - São Paulo State University, Brazil - Seminar
    • Dr Neal Farwell - University of Bristol, UK - Seminar
    • Associate Prof. Paul Rudy - University of Missouri, Kansas City, Conservatory of Music, USA - Seminar
    • Dr Ricardo dal Farra - University of Tres de Febrero, Argentina and Hexagram, Montreal, Hexagram, (Interuniversity consortium in Canada) - Seminar